What’s the Most Popular Social Media Platform?

Whats the Most Popular Social Media Platform?

Isadora Goad, Opinions Writer

At Lakeland High School most students have some sort of social media platform. There are many types of social media you can go on and make an account. 

At Lakeland High School there are many popular social media platforms that include TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. 

Tik Tok is a social media platform that you can make short videos on and post. It is a fun app to just watch funny videos on and learn how to do new things. It is very entertaining and very popular. 

Most people have Tik Tok and like making videos or watching them. It is fun to watch videos and it is very funny. 

Instagram is very popular for students at Lakeland High School. Most students have Instagram because you can post photos to your friends and see what other people are doing. 

Snapchat is also popular and a fun way to communicate with your friends. You can send pictures and videos to your friends/family. It is popular with mostly high school and college students because you have to be a certain age to download the app. 

It is very popular but it is not really a social media app, it is mostly to communicate with your friends. 

Facebook is also a social media app that is popular. It’s a fun app to follow your friends and other people to communicate. There are a lot of good things to do on it like posting pictures and playing games.

It is not very popular for Lakeland High School students. It is more popular for older people and is a place where you can post photos and your thoughts to different pages and groups. 

Most High School students have a Facebook because their older family members have it. 

At Lakeland High School, the most popular social media platforms are Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. 

I asked some students at Lakeland what their favorite social media platforms include. Rachel Foreman a junior at Lakeland High School said,”Tik Tok because the algorithm is very good at finding things I like more than Instagram and you do not need to search what you are looking for on Tik Tok”. 

I asked more students and the most common answer was Tik Tok because the videos are really funny. The second popular app was Snapchat and it is very common. 

So, overall at Lakeland High School the most popular social media platform is Tik Tok and then the second most popular is Snapchat.