Lots of Spring Sports


Softball team warms up with catches during practice

Emma Stutzke, News Writer

Numerous students at Lakeland High School have joined school sports this year. But why? Mr. Derrick, the principal of Lakeland, has the answer on why so many students decided to sign up. 

Last year, sports got taken away for many students because of COVID-19. Many students realized they missed their sport and wanted to do it this year even if they didn’t want to do it last year. 

“I think our students may have missed it last spring and realized this is something that you can only do while in high school for most students. As a result, students are wanting to be more involved,” said Derrick. 

There are usually 350 to 400 students that choose to do sports. However, this year there are many more students participating. More students are also joining BPA, drama, music and other extracurricular activities.

Also, while in sports, students’ grades need to be maintained at a good grade point average to play in games. So playing sports can help students with their academics. 

“Most students do better in school while participating in sports which seems counterintuitive,” said Derrick. “I think it has to do with students needing to be more disciplined if they are in sports.”

Playing sports in school is a positive experience. After sitting in class all day, it is the perfect time to meet new people and be active for at least 60 minutes during the day. 

“The opportunity to be part of a team is a great place to make life-long friends and learn so much about how to be successful in life,” said Derrick.

Doing sports can teach kids accountability, leadership and several other things to help students in the future.