Should You Watch WandaVision?

Warning: Spoilers


Rachel Foreman, Opinions Writer

WandaVision first came out on Disney+ January 15 and concluded on March 5, there are 9 episodes and each episode on average is 35 minutes long.

As a huge Marvel fan I was super excited when WandaVision came out, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

When you start watching the series it’s a bit confusing because the first episode is based on a 50´s sitcom, everything is in black and white. Nothing is really interesting about this episode but it does help the plot unravel in the rest of the series. When I first started watching I thought that was all the series was going to be based on, but that was not the case.

In the second episode it changes to a 60´s still in black and white, something interesting actually happens. In this episode Wanda gets a radio call from the outside world, she ignores it, and later in the episode, she finds a red toy plane in a bush. 

In the third episode, Wanda magically becomes pregnant and has twins. After this episode, we finally start understanding what is happening. 

At first, I thought that Wanda was being held captive in this alternate reality, but in this episode, you find out that that’s not the case.

During the whole series, Wanda has this nosey neighbor who seems to always be around, but in episode 5 Wanda and Vision both become suspicious of her. 

Then in episode 7 Wanda and Vision (he has no idea what’s going on) have a fight and he goes off to figure out the world that his wife created.

Things start getting super interesting by the two final episodes 8 and 9. Wanda finds out that her nosey neighbor is the villain and is some sort of witch. 

She puts Wanda through a series of old memories, we see how her parents died and later on we find out that Wanda was a witch way before she got her powers. Wanda and her neighbor have this big fight and Wanda wins. After this big fight, she lets the town go.

In simpler terms, the whole series is about how she pretty much took over a town so she could have the life that she wanted, with her dead husband and her children. When she realized what she was doing was wrong she let go of the town and while doing that she let go of the life that she created, and her husband and children went with it.

I would recommend watching this series if you are a marvel fan, but if you have never watched any of the movies I recommend watching those because the series would probably be very confusing. 

I really enjoyed watching it, and the next show that is going to be on Disney+ is the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the first episode will come out on March 19th.