Lakeland’s Levy Passes


Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

Lakeland School District 272 levy narrowly passed on March 9.

The votes to pass the levy were dangerously close to not passing. There were 2,701 votes for yes which was 50.50 percent of the voters. The number of votes for no was 2,647 which was 49.50 percent of voters. 

The levy will be worth 30 percent of Lakelands funds. 

 There were at least 5,000 voters at the polls where they were voting. 

With results being so close most didn’t know what the turnout might possibly be. Trent Derrick the Lakeland High School principle states “I’m really thankful that it passed and I appreciate the Voters and their support.”

Other schools around the area also passed their levies such as Coeur d’Alene School District and Kootenai Joint School District. One school wasn’t as lucky as the others, being Post Falls School District, which was narrowly defeated.