Cheer Dominates Districts


Zoey Roman, Editor in Cheif

February 27, 2021 the Lakeland Cheer team competed in their district competition to qualify for the state competition a few weeks later. 

The team took first place for 4A in all routines performed, giving them the title of District Grand Champs and a definite spot to go to state down in Boise.

After receiving their scores, the team was met with positive reviews and criticism from the judges and were motivated to improve all they can to perfect their routine for the last time they perform.

The team was proud to find out that their pom routine would have taken first place overall, beating even 5A schools. They would have tied for second place for their sideline routine with another 5A school.

The team has had to rework their routines multiple times due to students leaving, getting injured or even getting quarantined and not being able to compete at the competition due to COVID. The team has worked really hard to be able to compete in all the routines, and are still changing routines to make themselves better than before.

The team is using the time up until state to improve all their routines and make them more elite and more solid so they can all be sure to cleanly hit their stunts and skills.

The athletes have practiced hours on end to be able to compete against teams all around the state, and everyone is very excited to be able to have the chance to travel down to Boise and represent the Lakeland School District.

As the weeks pass by and practices become sparse, the athletes on the cheer team have decided to make their last few practices have a theme, and they are hoping to squeeze in some bonding time with the whole team to bring them all closer together before their season is officially over.

As a member of this team, I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to compete with everyone. Even with so many complications and reworking, we were able to pull through and leave it all on the mat. I am so excited to be able to go down to Boise with everyone and be able to compete on the mat at state. 

The Lakeland cheer team will be competing down in Boise on March 19, 2021 against multiple teams from all around like Jerome High School and Moscow High School.