Lakeland Students Join Military


The American Flag

Wyatt Aramburu, News Editor

When students get closer to graduating from Lakeland High School, it might be tough to find a college or even a career to do. Some students have recognized this and are joining the military. 

Students might think joining the military is a sacrifice, but others would say it’s a privilege. 

Joining has a lot of advantages. For example, if you join then they will pay for all of your education. Also, in some cases, serving time is only two days out of the week.

“Part of the reason why I joined was to have my education paid for. It’s a really big relief to not have to work hard to save up money,” stated Quinn Mcgovern, senior at LHS.

Mcgovern is going to serve in the Air Force in Texas and currently has two family members that are veterans who have served in the military.

Having your college education paid for is a huge relief to a lot of students.

Over the past five years, recruitment has been on a decrease. With fewer citizens joining, the military has started doing cash enlistments.

Michael Banning, who will be in the Marine Core states, “I joined because my Grandpa was in the Marines, so I wanted to be him and also be someone bigger than myself.”

Banning also said that he doesn’t really care about the benefits of joining, he only cares about serving his country.

We all respect citizens who are joining the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, students that join and serve right out of high school and residents who already served.