What’s Your Favorite Elective?

Isadora Goad, Opinion Writer

Every full-time student at Lakeland High School has an elective.

Electives are classes at school that only lasts for a semester. There is usually less curriculum to do and worth less credits. Electives are usually easier to do and less work to put in. 

There are a lot of electives at Lakeland high School. For example, there is teen living, pottery, art, acting and many more electives to choose from. They typically last for a semester but some could last up to the whole year.

There are also harder electives you can take. For example, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 are difficult to do and require a lot of work to get a good grade. Spanish is recommended for students who would like to go to out of state schools so there are many students who take Spanish. 

The most popular electives are usually teen living, Spanish, art, and drama. Teen living is very popular because you cook and learn about health and how to live your adult life your healthiest and best. 

It is not as hard to take then other electives because you mostly cook and learn how to do everyday things to prepare you for your adult life. 

Art is also very popular because students usually like to express themselves through art. 

Drama is also very popular. In the drama classes there is acting 1 and 2. There is also improv and others. Drama is also said to be an easier class to take.

At Lakeland High School I spoke to a few students and they said that, “Teen living was the easiest and most fun to take,” said Emma Goad, who has taken teen living.

Others said that it was a good experience and they were able to have a great time in teen living.

The most popular elective at Lakeland is teen living. Many students have taken it not once but twice. It is very popular and one of the easiest classes to take. The things you learn in teen living are how to cook, clean, sew and learn how to spend money the best way. 

Last year, the Teen Living teacher was Mrs. Tesdahl who most students really liked. There is a new teacher this year named Mrs. Nave. Most people like her a lot as well.

So, overall teen living is the most popular elective at Lakeland High School and it is by far the most liked.