Breaking Down the Breakdowns


Matthew Wirtz, Staff Writer

On February 12th, students woke up from a message to not come to school that day. This was caused by the school heater breaking down the previous night. The heater was unable to be fixed fast enough for school.

This caused every student to stay home from school. 

With all the students at home, teachers took advantage of 1:1 chromebooks. Many teachers posted assignments and lessons they had planned on doing that day. If students expected a day off with no work, they were most likely wrong.

Students were able to enjoy a four day weekend. This is because that Monday was Presidents’ day.

It isn’t uncommon for different systems around the school to break down. Another example of this occurring is Jan. 13th. That day, the power went out at the school after a tree fell and hit a power line due to a windstorm. This caused the lights to go out at Lakeland High School.

When students showed up to a school with no power, they were directed to their first period. Many students opted out of school by having their parents check them out. Many students left that day. 

Eventually power came back, but so many students left for the day that many classes that teachers had pushed back their lesson plans and just left students to work on what they wanted.

What do students think of these breakdowns?

One student, Hutton Hegbloom, was understanding of the breakdowns. He was also hopeful of the future of the school’s breakdowns.

“I think that it is common for the building to have malfunctions, especially with how old the building is. However, I think the building will be fine from now on,” Hegbloom stated.

Hutton was also fine with the homework that was assigned the day the heater went off.

“I think that it’s fair considering they handed out chromebooks to everyone,” Hutton said.

One student, Cole Andres, disagreed with that thinking that teachers handing out work.

“I think it should have been like a snow day and we shouldn’t have been assigned work,” Andres stated.