Why So Political?


On Wednesday, February 23rd, 2021 at the front entrance of Lakeland High School is the American flag.

Brelyn Ganske, News Writers

Common knowledge at Lakeland High School is that some students are very involved in politics, but the question still stands: Why?

Many students are just political in the fact that they have a certain standpoint about the COVID-19 issues, but others have had their opinions for a while because of what their parents believe or what they grew up learning and hearing. 

A sophomore student at LHS who chose to be anonymous states “I have such strong political beliefs because of personal experiences. I’m also involved in politics because politics affect us and our future.”

It is important for students to be involved with today’s problems in society and political issues, but do they really need such a strong opinion on certain situations, or is it worth arguing and losing relationships over?

Bethany Jensen, another sophomore states in a written statement, “I believe that it is important for students to be involved in politics because the generation that is currently in politics are completely out of touch with reality.”

Jensen also thinks that since our parents have so much college debt and the economic declines that have happened in the past 15 years is causing them not to be able to show their opinion in politics which has caused politics to stay in the style from fifty years ago. 

The anonymous student also states “Now is the time for change. It’s crucial for us to understand politics, form our own opinions, and use our voices. Not only for us, but for generations to come.”

As for our generation, referred to as “Gen Z”, we are in a way becoming responsible for the disrespectful outcomes or loss of communication through our peers. 

Jensen also states that, “Generation Z is the most diverse and accepting generation to date, and if we wish to change our country into one of love and acceptance, we must act as soon as possible to change the way things are done politically and socially.” 

We have access to social media and the news that could end up potentially spreading the incorrect information or give out the wrong message.

As for students under 18, it’d be considered silly for them to be as political as their parents. Especially because they don’t know much about politics, and underage teens aren’t exactly mature enough to make the correct decisions. 

There is nothing wrong with having a political opinion under 18 because it shows you care about the country. As for debating and attempting to convince people of your opinion when you may not be correct, that doesn’t make very much sense.