Support the Senior Class


The 2021 senior class poses for a picture during the senior sunrise at the beginning of the year.

Zoey Roman, Editor in Cheif


The senior class of 2021 has had their whole year changed due to the remaining effects of COVID-19. They had many activities taken away from them, like their Homecoming (after two weeks of hope and disappointment).

Even if some activities were taken away due to COVID-19, some are still being planned even with coronavirus still hanging around.

To be able to realistically plan for these fun activities, like the senior all-nighter at Triple-Play, the senior class has to raise money throughout the year with the help of the senior parent committee.

They hold multiple fundraisers, like the fundraiser where the senior student body sold buckets of laundry detergent or the Valentine’s Day fundraiser where they sold donuts and carnations. 

They currently have a fundraiser called the Willamette Valley Pie Company Fundraiser going on until the first week of March. 

This fundraiser has the seniors selling a variety of pies like Raspberry/Rhubarb, American Apple and so many more flavors. They also have cobblers with the flavors of Forest Berry, Peach and Marionberry, and bags of fruit including blueberry, peach and strawberry. They also sell a variety pack of 6 mini pies.

These fundraisers help the senior class have a final night all together having fun before they all disperse into the world, all going their separate ways to accomplish what they want to do in the world. Whether it is to go to college, into the workforce, a technical school or even into the armed forces.

The total goal for the senior class is to raise $15,000, a goal that will allow the senior class to have a night full of fun and celebrating the time they all have with each other. With the fundraisers being held and the cost of the tickets.

With so many complications and changes going on this year, many trips and activities have been cancelled, disappointing the senior class since this is their last year here at Lakeland High School. Raising money through fundraisers like this allows the senior class to be able to have more for their last activities near the end of the year. 

Jacob Munyer, a teacher here at LHS says to the student body, “Please support the COVID seniors.”

Especially in a time where many things are able to change so quickly and many things can be taken away with one announcement or a spike in COVID cases. Supporting the senior class with these fundraisers helps to make their last year as memorable as it can be.