The Best Way to Earn Money


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Everyone knows that jobs are the best way to earn money. Many students at Lakeland High School take advantage of this opportunity to earn money.

Approximately 52% of students at LHS have jobs according to a survey done by the Hawkeye Instagram page.

Despite many high school students holding jobs, many businesses around Rathdrum still need workers. 

One business that needs employees is Westwood Brewing Co. The restaurant needs hostesses. They will pay $7.25 per hour and also add tips. The hours are typically from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m..

Another business that is hiring is Ace Hardware. Ace needs part time cashiers, and they require good customer service and you must be able to lift 50 pounds. They are willing to pay $12.75 per hour.

Dominoes is another place requiring employees. The pizzeria needs people to answer phones and take orders from customers. It also requires good customer service skills. Dominoes is willing to pay $10 per hour.

Taco Bell is also hiring new employees. This part time position offers about $10 per hour and other benefits. Some benefits include meal discounts and free uniforms. One requirement is that you must have good customer service.

According to Zip Recruiter, the average teenager in Idaho earns 14.20 dollars per hour. This adds up in a 40 hour work week to $586. However, this is lower than the national average of $17 per hour for teenagers.

Many students have jobs, but do they like them?

One graduated student, Travis Derrick, used to work at Ace Hardware. Travis worked there over the summer so he could earn money for college. He also said he had learned alot from working at the business.

“I learned how to interact with people in a more professional setting and how to represent a company. I had great co-workers that helped me when I needed it. I learned alot and am grateful for all of the lessons.”

Travis doesn’t know if he is going to return to his summer job. He plans on doing something more closely related to his major in college.

One student, Kinsey Merrifield works at Westwood. She enjoys working there and is grateful for them being flexible.

“The management is really flexible but I don’t have too much in my schedule that I need to work around.”