School is Hard

School is Hard

Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

Academic success is based on how much you apply yourself, but if you don’t feel like you will use that in your adulthood then how well will you do? Not very well.

By dedicating yourself to that class/subject or if you genuinely try getting a good grade in that class it may result in a less stressful school experience. 

Though, most can agree that there are a few subjects that we don’t need. There are classes that can help you get your dream job or even just a starting job.

At Lakeland High School there is Welding. Foods and Nutrition, International Cuisine; which helps you learn international dishes. There is also an applied math class; a class you can take that will teach you how to use everyday math equations or measurements.

Some classes that we do need are being switched out because they are too academically challenging. Biology, being one of a Sophomore’s core classes, has the most students switching out because they feel the class, or even the teacher, isn’t helping them in any way.

For most students, they want their classes to be fun and easy, that way they can pass. As for the rest, they enjoy a challenge because they know they’re learning something.

It’s disappointing that history classes are no longer a requirement for schools. As for Lakeland, it’s an elective. It’s referred to as “AP History”.

That class has been known to be one of the hardest classes in Lakeland Highschool, as an elective. Though, History should be a requirement for students to learn, the class shouldn’t be overly complicated. 

If the class is too challenging, it’ll push students away from taking it as an elective resulting in them being uneducated in, not just history but in any class.

Homework, an assignment that everyone has dealt with multiple times in their life, usually tends to be the easier version of the tests/quizzes and it leads students to believe that that’ll be how the test is going to be.

By misleading students with easy homework/study guides and giving them a test that has a different difficulty it could most likely result in them stressing out, or more commonly, not doing well on the test.

Required core classes have their reasons to be challenging but the electives are what throws students off and prevents them from doing them.

Sometimes it’s neither the class or the teachers fault. The student(s) could simply not apply themselves as much as they should because of the lack of motivation.

Motivation drives the students to do their best and as a result of that can work their way onto the Green/Gold list: Passing your classes with B’s or better gets you on to either list.

The Green/Gold list most likely means nothing to the students who don’t try because they don’t see it as an accomplishment because, afterall, it is just an assembly.

The students who push themselves don’t struggle in school unlike the ones who don’t care, they most likely need a helping hand.