Buccaneers Bring Home the trophy


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer


At 3:30pm, February 7th, in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, the biggest football game of the year took place. This is the 55th Super Bowl put on since the original in 1967. The teams playing in it are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay won by a 22 point margin against the Chiefs with a final score of 31 to 9. The Buccaneers created a large lead in the first half, with the score at half time being 21 to 6.

The Chiefs were beating themselves just as much as the Buccaneers were beating them. The Chiefs got penalized 8 times causing them to lose 95 total yards and set up two of the Buccaneers touchdowns.

Tom Brady has punished the team from Kansas by completing 21 of his 29 passes and three of which being touchdowns. In total, the quarterback threw 201 yards. The Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, completed 26 of his 49 passes which gained 270 yards but also two interceptions.

Brady also received the Super Bowl MVP award. This is his fifth time receiving the award in his career. He finished the game with a quarterback rating of 125.8.

It is a split issue when it comes to predicting who is going to win before the game takes place. According to a poll taken by the Hawkeye instagram page, most predicted the Kansas City Chiefs would win. Of the 57 total predictors, 67% favored the Chiefs and 33% favored the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

PE and Health teacher Brian Etchison predicted that the Chiefs will take home the trophy. 

“Patrick Mahomes is such a good quarterback and the Chiefs have too many weapons on the outside. They can definitely slow down Tom Brady.” 

One sophomore, Micheal Locke, prediction disagrees.  “Whenever Brady is in the super bowl he consistently plays well with high yards and touchdowns that game. The Buccaneers also have home field advantage.”

The team’s season records showed favor to the Chiefs who won 14 games and lost only 2, while the Buccaneers took 11 wins and 5 losses.

Super Bowl attendance has always been high in numbers. For instance, Super Bowl L had 71,000 attendees. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s attendance was about a third of the attendees with 25,000 fans in the stadium. There were also 30,000 cardboard cutouts.