No Power? No Problem


Power Outage in the Sophomore Hallway at the Lakeland Highschool on Tuesday, January 13th.

Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

What would our school do without power? Well it would not only be dark but it would be extremely uneventful.

For example, at 7:30 am, on Jan. 13 at Lakeland High School, the power went out due to the strong winds that passed through and knocked a tree over the power lines. 

Some houses in Rathdrum still had power unlike the school. With Lakeland relying on technology for our education. We had nothing to do and that resulted in a huge majority of the students going home. 

Each class had about 7-8 students in it. Most of their reasons were, “There was nothing to do.” 

A lot of students wanted to go home because they were bored or their friends weren’t there.

With the power being out, the students who stayed didn’t do much because some teachers like their classes following the same agenda, like Mr. Ryan, a math teacher. Not to mention his classes only had 7-8 students in each of them. That was probably the case for the other teachers.

Some students’ power was out even after school. Some of the houses around the highschool were out of power until 5pm that day.

With no power, the ability to do school work was near impossible. With COVID-19 and with our work being online some students feared their grade would go down.

If power goes out while we are in school again, there should be a backup plan. With COVID and our classes being online or at least relying on technology, they should print out our assignments on a “sketchy” weather day that way we have them.

Lakeland High School is one of the few schools that gives students the option of virtual or online school. Some students choose to do online classes so they can do whatever they want in their free time. 

Most students could argue that being in school and hanging out, or atleast being in a class, with their friends is better than staying at home and doing homework.

What happens when all goes wrong and there is no power? Some teachers would extend the due date, while the remaining teachers would keep the deadline and still urge us to get our assignment done.

How do we get our assignment done with one less day to do it or even multiple days without power?

The solution can be applied to any school, the solution being a generator or some kind of backup power system.

With a backup power system the school’s power would come back on or at least some of the main lights, and students could resume working on assignments with the ability to see.