Hawks Lose to 5A Lake City

Liam Bradford, Sports Editor

The Lakeland Hawks (6-5) fell short in a road game to the Lake City Timberwolves (10-4) after fighting hard and coming up on the losing end in front of the biggest crowd they have played in front of all season. 

The 64-53 loss was Lakeland’s fifth loss to a 5A opponent. 

It was a tough battle between the two huge and tall teams, and both teams had many strong hard-fought offensive drives. 

The Hawks came out very strong in the tough road matchup and held a 30-29 lead at the half. Both teams had more length than usual for a high school team, which showed from the start. Both teams made multiple impressive dunks, which was an exhilarating show for the new enthusiastic fans. 

It ended up being a very strong offensive game for each team. Jalen Skalskiy scored 15 points and was unable to be covered by his significantly smaller defender. Noah Haaland also made an impact by scoring 13 points and playing suffocating defense. 

Although the Hawks led early, Lake City outscored them by 15 in the third quarter and led by Blake Buchanan and Kolton Mitchell, led their team to victory. 

Lakeland’s next game will be another road matchup on Thursday vs. Sandpoint at 7 p.m.

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