No “Wonder”


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer


Wonder Woman 1984 was released Dec. 25, 2020. This movie’s only wonder was how it got funding. It was one of 2020’s last unfortunate events that affected the world. Usually things on Christmas are good, but of course there are exceptions.

This criticism shouldn’t be a surprise based on other reviews of the movie. Rotten Tomatoes rated Wonder Woman 1984 a 60% and IMDb was even lower at 5.5/10.

The movie opens up with a heist taking place in an early 80’s mall. The heist is put to a stop by the one and only Wonder Woman. The criminals are caught by the police and Wonder Woman leaves by flying away. This forced, awkward and cheesy series of scenes sadly shows what is to be expected with the rest of the movie.

Wonder Woman goes to work one day and becomes friends with a girl named Barbara at her office in the museum they work in. While working they receive a shipment of artifacts, one of these being a “Dream Stone”. Her co-worker steals the artifact and gives it to the corrupt businessman, Maxwell Lord.

The businessman uses the Dream Stone and wishes to become it. The whole sequence is filled with awkward cuts and CGI. 

The man uses his new powers and grants wishes that have a twist. The whole world turns to chaos and Barbara wishes to have Wonder Woman’s powers. This turns her into an evil cheetah that still looks like a human. It is truly a disturbing looking character.

The Cheetah and Wonder Woman fight outside of a military base where the corrupt Maxwell is granting wishes. Wonder Woman starts losing the fight and remembers her dead boyfriend from the previous movie. Like stereotypical superhero moments, she has a flashback and starts winning the fight. 

Wonder Woman goes inside the base and stops Lord from granting wishes and reminds him of the son he has been neglecting throughout the course of his life. He takes back all the wishes and everything returns to normal.

Some movies are so bad they turn out good. This is not one of them. If you have 2 and a half hours on your hands, don’t watch this movie. This movie uses a budget of 200 million dollars and only brought in 131.4 million dollars. That alone should tell you to not watch this movie.