Whole Lotta Red or A Whole Lotta Skips?


Hutton Hegbloom, News Writer

The album “Whole Lotta Red”, by Playboi Carti, was finally released on December 25, 2020.  The album was hyped up for almost three years and let’s just say that it did not live up to the hype. A lot of Playboi Carti fans and others are disappointed with the album.

Listening to the album, if there was one word to describe this album, it would be bass. Every song on the album is filled with bass and high pitched words, mumbles, and ad libs that are difficult to understand. 

Although it is difficult to hear what he is saying with his famous “baby voice”, the beats to all of the songs are actually not bad. His voice honestly is what ruins some of the music in this album. 

The top rated song on the album is “MEH”. The minute and fifty-eight second song was full of adlibs and words that are difficult to listen to. Although it is difficult to listen to the artist sing, the song MEH has a very upbeat and kind of exciting beat to it. I’d say the beat saves the song.

The second most rated song on the album is “New Tank”. This song is only one minute and thirty seconds long. The song is actually fun to listen to. It is super upbeat and gets you going. If you like partying, or “raging”, this song is definitely for you.

The last song being reviewed, and the song that is rated third from the album is “Punk Monk”. This song is one of the longer songs on the album as it is three minutes and fifty seconds long. “Punk Monk” is definitely one of the most annoying and most loud songs on the album. It seems that the bass on this song is literally meant to break your speakers.