Sports Outside of School


Emma Stutzke, News Writer

Sports outside of school can be very difficult for students at times. Getting homework done and going to bed late can be hard on students, but there are also good things about sports outside of school. 

I do gymnastics and I practice over 20 hours a week. Because of this, I have very little time for homework each day. Sometimes I even have to miss practice because I am loaded with homework. Luckily, school gets out earlier than normal so I have 45 minutes total to work on homework for all of my classes. 

However, doing sports outside of school has a lot of opportunities for students. They will get more teammates from all over that will become their friends, and there could possibly be more college recruiters that see you perform your sport. 

Sports that take place outside of school might also be more of a commitment for some students than sports that take place at school. Practices might be longer and competitions and games might be farther away. For example, some nights I have practice for five to six hours and I’ve had competitions in Arizona, California, Las Vegas, and many more.

If you want to do school sports, your choices are limited. But if you choose to do sports outside of school, there are a lot more options. Some sports that aren’t currently offered in some schools are lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding, gymnastics and many more. 

Many students do school sports and some other sports on the side. For example, I do gymnastics, but in the winter I ski in my free time. Many other kids do similar things with different sports.