Lakeland vs Timberlake Recap

Liam Bradford, Sports Writer

Never take your foot off the gas. Lakeland learned this lesson earlier this season when blowing a game and giving up a huge comeback, and they made sure that they would never make the mistake again. The Lakeland Hawks (5-3) absolutely manhandled the Timberlake Tigers (1-5) in a 72-25 win that was practically over before it started. At halftime, the hawks already led 45-11 and were basically guaranteed the easy home win. 

The Hawks outrebounded the Tigers and basically dominated them in every major game stat. The whole team was clicking and had strong chemistry but there were quite a few stand out players that led them to victory. 

Jalen Skalskiy scored nearly 20 points and carried the pace of the game the whole time. Grant Roth also played very well and showed a lot of his potential that has shown all season. He put up 12 points and multiple rebounds and he played arguably his best game of the season. 

Lakeland kept control of the pace and the score and never eased up. They scored 20 points in each of the first three quarters and could not be stopped by Timberlake’s defense even once throughout the whole game. 

Aside from getting destroyed, Timberlake only had three scorers in the game, one of them scoring 14 of the 25 points. The Tigers are off to a rough start this season and will have to put this one in the back of their minds before the next game. 

Lakeland plays their next game on Tuesday in an away game against Bonners Ferry at 7 p.m. Lakeland vs Timberlake Recap