New technology around the school


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Chromebooks used to be rare in schools about 5 years ago. Now, almost every student has their own personal chromebook distributed by Lakeland High School.

This was something that has been planned since the end of last school year to the beginning of this school year. It has been pushed more into the spotlight due to COVID-19. Students would be able to access their lessons and schoolwork even if they are quarantined or the district closes the schools again.

Teachers see chromebooks as essential to school if students are in quarantine or lockdown. One teacher, Shannon Hall, is an advocate for this. “A lot of students don’t have devices of their own and the district providing chromebooks is very helpful, especially if we were to go into lockdown again.”

Some teachers like the chromebooks, but aren’t a supporter of each student keeping their own individual chromebook and prefer class sets. Rebecca Hasz is an example of this. “I think that students like being able to go into a classroom and knowing for sure they have access to a chromebook. Yes, it will help teach responsibility to students, but what are they supposed to do if their chromebook isn’t charged or if they don’t have it that day.”

Another more obvious group it affects is the students. Those who choose to take advantage of the 1 to 1 chromebooks now have their own that they are responsible for.

 Many students like this new change. Some liked the ability to have their own device and others appreciate that every student was able to get one if they chose to.

Not all students liked the new change with technology. One sophomore, Avery Scott-Fudge, isn’t a fan of the new changes. “I think the change was meant to help the spread of COVID-19. However, I think the new personal chromebooks don’t affect it at all.”