Courtyard Decor


Zoey Roman, News Writer

As you walk the halls of the school, you can look around and see the Christmas decorations that have been put up by the students and staff.

 There are decorations around the office, through the halls, in teachers’ classrooms and even the trees out in the courtyard are decorated with lights and tree ornaments.

The students from Leadership are not the only ones who have decorated the school for  holidays. Teachers have decorated their classrooms with fun lights and decorations for the holidays. In Mr. Keating’s classroom he has put up colorful lights around his windows. On some of the doors there are paper decorations, like the one in the freshman hallway that says “chillin’ with the snowmies.” 

Mr. Hatcher has even joined in on the decoration fun and hung lights in the window of his office, and there are paper decorations around the front office that look like candies.

In the courtyard, the students in the special education classes have taken it upon themselves to decorate the trees with different lights and ribbons. If you are walking down the hall towards the student parking lot, take a look out the window to see the amazing decorations.

Around the school, students from Leadership have decorated the halls with lights, paper decorations of a fireplace and snowman, and even some large paper ornaments hanging above the halls.

These decorations bring a joyful atmosphere to the school, many people being able to enjoy them for the time they are hanging up. Mr Keating says that he “likes the Christmas decorations, but he likes them better on the wall than on the floor.”