The Return of the McRib


Matthew Wirtz, Diego Aguilar

This legendary sandwich has returned from its slumber since October 2018. This limited time delicacy is the McRib.

The McRib will set you back $3.69. However, if you choose to get the meal, it is $5.90. With these prices, the barbeque sauce covered pork-like substance sandwich clearly must warrant a try.

The McRib is an interesting creation by McDonald’s. On one hand it is a legendary pork like sandwich. On the other hand, it is disgusting. It is drenched in barbeque sauce and has one of the strangest textures most people that have ever experienced. There is a reason why it only comes out once every couple of years.

Ryan Gentemen after trying the sandwich exclaimed, “This is mystery meat, what am I eating, this is not pork.” He then started rambling for long periods of time about what kind of meat was in the sandwich.

I, Diego, personally enjoyed the McRib. The barbecue sauce had a sweet but tangy flavor that just added to what I hoped was pork. What really added to the sandwich was the nice juicy crisp that the onions gave it, they were not too overpowering and you got just the right amount of bite.

After doing some research I have discovered that the McRib is simply ground pork shoulder. For those who don’t know, pork shoulder is the butt of the pig, not typically used for rins. This does explain the texture.

People have mixed opinions about the McRib. However, their opinions are typically polar opposites. Yet, everyone should try the sandwich to form their own opinion on it. You can’t say you lived your full life without trying McDonald’s McRib.