Five or Six Periods?


Emma Stutzke, News Writer

Teachers at Lakeland High School have it hard this year because of schedule changes and the new rules they have to follow. This year the teachers have six periods instead of the regular five periods. 

“Having six periods a day instead of five is very stressful,” says Ms. Hall, an English teacher at Lakeland High School. 

The teachers’ prep period used to be built into the day but because of the schedule changes, it is after the students leave.

“Without that break, teaching is very exhausting, and it is difficult to even get a chance to leave the classroom to use the restroom,” said Hall.

According to Ms. Hall, it is difficult to accomplish as much as she used to with the prep period during the school day. She also says it is challenging to finish teaching everything she needs to teach in a 50 minute period instead of a 60 minute period.

But Hall isn’t the only teacher that is affected by having a sixth period. 

Ms. Asher, an English and French teacher at Lakeland High School, has also had a difficult time with the schedule change.

“Having 6 periods a day is rigorous. The day is non stop,” said Asher. 

Both of these teachers would choose to have five periods for their own sake and sometimes for the students sake because it is difficult to get all of their teaching done. 

“I would prefer having five periods a day with a prep period during the day and not at the end of the day,” said Asher. 

“I would choose our traditional schedule of teaching five classes with a prep built-in to the school day.  It works the best for maximum learning time and for teachers to have a break somewhere in the day,” said Hall.