Are Mullets Really that Great?


Hutton Hegbloom, News Writer

The mullet, a 1980s hairstyle, has been becoming more and more popular at Lakeland High School. If one were to look around at the student body, it would not be difficult to spot a student sporting a mullet.
The Hawkeye was able to ask these students questions about their mullets and their decisions for growing out their hair. The students have been asked questions such as, why did they grow it out, how long it took them to grow it out and what motivated them.
When LHS student John Merideth was asked about why he grew his hair out, he said “I grew my mullet because I always had my hair short, so I figured screw it.” Another student, Brayden Tirri had said “I got it cause it’s a (sick) haircut.”
To grow a mullet, you have to be dedicated. Student Gage Oles claimed it took him about a year to grow out. When John Merideth was asked about how long it took to grow his out, he said “I started growing it last August to now.”
It takes some serious motivation to grow out a mullet. When John Merideth was asked about his motivation, he said “Mostly friends”. Others like Gage Oles and Brayden Tirri did it to look cool.