The Lakeland Closet


Zoe Roman, News Writer

Thanks to an organization called Cup of Grace, Lakeland High School is able to have Lakeland’s Closet, a place where students can get supplies or clothing when they need it.

Students can find these supplies in the Auxiliary Gym hallway. In the athletics room, students can find a variety of different clothes, shoes, backpacks and other items for both male and female students. In the same hallway in the women visitor’s locker room, there are baskets stocked with different hygiene products, socks, belts and shampoo.

In the same place, school supplies can also be found. Paper, pencils, pens, markers and other supplies are available for the students who need them. 

If students find the doors to be locked, they are always welcome to ask a security officer to open them. This way, they can get the supplies they need when they need it during their own time.

Cup of Grace was the organization that created this project, also being the ones who restock the supplies when they start to run low. This organization is a group of people that work together to provide access to food, clothing and social services. As said on their webpage, they look to “encourage friendship and strong ties between our neighbors in Spirit Lake and the surrounding areas.”

Mr. Neff, who is the LHS faculty member that leads the project, had said that “few to no students are utilizing this.” It may be because not many need to use the supplies, but it is important to get the information out there so students are aware.