Should Lunch be Shorter or Longer?


Riley Derbyshire, News Writer

Should lunch be longer for the students of LHS?

The lunch time of 30 minutes seems to not be enough time for the students to get their lunch and make it back in time for class. This is especially true for those students who go home for their lunch.

Caitlyn Eliason says she thinks “we should add another 5-10 minutes because some have tests to make up and probably after they finish they don’t have enough time to eat.”

Often enough, if a student needs to make up a test it takes them a while, which doesn’t leave very much time to eat lunch.

Devon Howell, Bre Ganske and Kenna Simon all say they are fine with the 30 minute time period. In their words “ the 30 minutes is enough time for lunch.”

Now they may be right, but I still think that there should be a little more time even if it’s an extra 5 minutes. 30 minutes could be enough time, but not when students walk to where they’re going and eating food then having to walk back.

Riley May agrees with Caitlyn Eliason that lunch is not long enough. He says “my lunch is not long enough i wish there was an extra 10 maybe 15 minutes.” Even some of the office people have said that lunch is not long enough for them. Office worker Brittney Yaple says “ even 30 minutes is not enough time for me to eat lunch”.

I believe that lunch should be longer by 10-15 minutes. I say we make the passing periods 5 minutes again and add those 3 minutes off of each of the 8 minutes to the lunch making it a longer lunch.