Fall Has Started


Melia Blackwell

Fall is a season filled with cold winds, spices, the fall of leaves, sweaters, sweatshirts and almost anything pumpkin related. Fall brings one of the most enjoyed holidays, Halloween. Halloween is not only about costumes and candy, it’s about getting out and doing things with your friends and family and enjoying the once a year event.

Though fall may be a door leading to winter, it still brings things to the table that most will miss once the season is over, one of those things being the pumpkin spice latte that almost everyone orders from any coffee stand.

With this COVID outbreak, many believe that the gathering during holidays will decrease to reduce the spread. Halloween, currently being the closest, will most likely result in sadness for, not only kids, but the teens who enjoy going out as well.

While most would grieve, Emily Hendricks believes she wouldn’t care, “I’d probably just watch a movie…” Which seems to be the case for many others as well.
Fall is a season where everyone can dress comfortable and stay warm while watching the sunset like colors fill their eyes. From what I’ve noticed, fall seems to be the second-best season according to students.

With summer being the vacation season, fall is the relaxing season that leads to winter, which is the cold yet heartwarming season.