New Teachers to Face Challenges

Emma Stutzke and Riley Derbyshire, News Writers

The new teachers this year have it harder than ever. Some being online, some being in person and some being both. Nevertheless, the new teachers are in good spirits about being back to school and teaching in person. 

The new freshman math teacher, Mr. Frank says, “It’s pretty much like any other year,” and “I’m happy to be at the school and I have great students and administrators.” Last year he taught at Lakeland Jr. High, but this year he transferred to Lakeland High School. Mr. Frank also says, “all you have to do is focus on getting a little better each day and someday you’ll achieve greatness.”

Many other teachers are also glad to be back in the school, teaching the students in person instead of online.

“I am happy to be here. I had to change some things because of the new guidelines but I’m glad to be here,” says Mrs. Whitfield. This English teacher has a very interesting background. She has taught in China and the United Arab Emirates. Mrs.Whitfield has traveled all around the world and she’s a PHD student.

Mrs. Casas is the new science teacher.  She is originally from southern California, but has always loved Idaho. Mrs. Casas also has a masters degree in STEM education. She says that, “when it’s Monday, we just need to have a dance party.”

These new teachers have additional challenges. Many teachers have to adjust to a new schedule, seating arrangements and even new ways of teaching for some. 

For example, Mr. Frank only had to teach five periods, and now he has to teach six. Also, in Mrs. Casas’ class, the tables are spread out, so now the students can’t work in groups.

Some of these new teachers say they were nervous about coming into the school year because of teaching at a new school, coronavirus and various other things. But they worked hard and pushed through the nervousness, and started off the new school year successfully.