Vibing with Life


When people bring up things that are going on in the world or things that bother them,  sometimes I find myself having no clue what they are talking about. 

Sometimes I like just being in my own world, worrying about my own problems, and overall just vibing.

I do not like always being in other people’s lives or constantly worrying and letting things going on around the world bother me.

For me, it is refreshing when I realize I have been focusing on myself and not on others as much, but what is it like for others that find themselves just vibing with life?

“I guess I kinda just go with the way the situations around me are going. It’s pretty easy to chill with the people around me and vibe with them,” Keona Roemermann, a sophomore at Lakeland High School said. “I like living in the moment and being in my own element. I’m always aware of what is happening but I don’t like to make it a point to bother me.” 

Some people just like to socialize and have fun with others.

“I’m usually never in a bad mood,” said Ryan Gentemen, a senior at LHS. “I like being positive. You could say my cups always half full. I like making other people happy, and I like having fun. I guess I’m not really in my own world because I don’t like thinking about myself, even so, I’m still really happy. It might make some people think I’m childish but I just like to have fun.”

For some, vibing with life might mean socializing and having fun. Being with others might make them the happiest while not caring about the bad things in life.

For others, it might be different; they are more like me. They might like to keep to themselves and talk to the ones who make them the happiest. 

Jack Law, a junior at Lakeland who also likes to keep to himself.

“I just like to keep to myself instead of being obnoxious,” Law said. “It’s like I’m in my own world. I feel like I’m a lot different than other people because everyone else is loud and I’m not. But, I like feeling this way because I think it allows me to become friends with the right people instead of the annoying ones or the people that wouldn’t be good for me.”

For everyone it is different. They like to live in their own way.