Food Theory


Imagine eating with a friend and getting into an argument about whether spaghetti is technically salad.

Normally a person might think food can be categorized as fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy, but there is a different theory.

It is a theory that all foods can be categorized into four groups: sandwiches, salads, soups, and ravioli.

The first category, sandwiches, is easy. Think of what someone would normally call a sandwich and add things like burgers. One that might be a little controversial is pizza. Pizza dough is a type of dough with toppings on top of it.

So, it is technically just an open-faced sandwich. Just like lasagna, that would also be a sandwich. It has layers of different things stacked on top of each other.

The second category is salads. A salad is any amount of small ingredients mixed together with a dressing.

For example, spaghetti. It has different ingredients mixed together with a dressing. That dressing is tomato sauce.

As weird as it sounds, steak could also be considered a salad.

The third category is soups. That is probably the most obvious category. Soups are considered to be anything liquid and usually have other ingredients like meat or vegetables but they can be anything and still be considered a soup as long as it is mainly liquid.

For example, cereal. It is mainly liquid with solid ingredients inside.

The final and fourth category is ravioli. At first, when I heard this is one of the categories I was not too sure about it.

Raviolis are considered to be dough or something else enveloping a filling. I tried thinking of what could possibly be a ravioli besides the ravioli itself, obviously.

Then I thought of things like pop-tarts and calzones. Other things like burritos could also be considered ravioli.

“It makes sense,” said Aliza Kidd, Lakeland High School sophomore. “I mean the different foods all fit somehow. Like spaghetti, it is all tossed together like a salad. So I do agree with this theory and think it makes sense.”

I could see how some people would disagree with this, but personally, I think it all makes sense.
So far, I have not found anything that proves this theory wrong, so I do not have any reason to believe it is not true.