If you Mustache


“You growing out the mustache? I like it.” 

This is probably one of the greatest compliments known to man.

Through the years of high school, there have been many changes in trends and popularity in styles, whether it be clothes or hairstyles.

Everyone grows facial hair in their high school years, some quicker than others. Whether it’s your senior year or 8th grade, the growth of a mustache and even a beard will show up sometime.

The decision to keep or shave facial hair is based on the person and how well it suits their face.

Since growing mine, I have noticed them more often.

When it started, I kept a little mustache and some patchy scruff I called a beard.

 Later, I decided I would try the look of just a mustache to see if it was something that appealed to me.

After shaving my so-called beard and leaving the mustache, I let it grow to its current beauty.

Is the mustache the style, and did I start this trend?

Probably not, but I like to feel like I did.

Most of my friends are clean-shaven. Even if they could have facial hair, they don’t want to commit; however, I think they are starting to want to copy me.

Chris Bauer, naturally hairy, especially on his legs, said he wants to grow a mustache like mine.

When I hear this, I take it as a threat. He could probably get a bigger stache in less time with his genetics.

Of course, I appreciate he wants to be like me, but I do not want him to steal my idea and get more credit for it.

Bauer does not think that he looks good with facial hair but claims mine is majestic. 

“By far the best mustache in the state,” Bauer said. 

Maybe he just said those things since we are good friends, but I appreciate the love regardless. 

Bauer also said I pull it off, and he wishes that he could as well. 

A mustache isn’t the only thing form of facial hair.

 Another form can be Lambchops or sideburns.

The man with exceptional sideburns is none other than Deegan Chambers. 

“I shaved in my sideburns one day and thought it looked nice,” Chambers said. “It fits my facial structure. I got a couple of girlfriends with them too. They’re pretty cool.” 

Chambers said that the sideburns are just a part of him now.

Chambers sees the sideburns come into style along with mustaches.

“If anyone has better sideburns than me, think again,” Chambers said.