Diablo IV and What we Know Already


After over a decade since their last Diablo release, Blizzard Entertainment has plans to release another installment of the Diablo series, Diablo IV. Will the latest installment come to have all of the things that we expect from newer upcoming releases?

Originally announced at Blizzcon 2021, a convention held to support upcoming Blizzard games, Diablo was set to release a few years later in the summer of 2023. Blizzard ensured everyone knew it was not ready for release, not even close to done.  

Based on the trailers, Diablo IV will have many very exciting features. It shows off the dark and eerie settings and areas accessible to the player. The game will allow the player to roam openly around the world that Blizzard entertainment has built for us. This will be the first open-world Diablo, an excellent addition to the dungeon crawler.

This game will also be a complete multiplayer experience. This means all while you slay hoards and hoards of mythical creatures, all while crawling through dungeons, right beside you is your friend or ally, slaying creatures and crawling in dungeons.

On top of these additions, blizzard also added character customization. So on top of changing stats, weapons, and spells, you can also customize how the character looks. This new addition has yet to be added to previous franchise installments. This is to help set characters’ identities in an online world. This allows players to have unique characters that feel like their own in an endless scape of players with similar classes to your own.

Some cool features are being added, including changing aspects of weapons and tools such as speed. They also made the inventory more accessible and less like your trying to Tetris all your items into a cramped area. The addition of controller support for PC and an overhaul on the skill tree.

The classes that have been confirmed are also very exciting, These being the Druid, Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, and necromancer, Aswell as a few others. Although not new additions, these classes are always good for players that have played the other Diablo games and can understand what they will be using.

In contrast, new players can experience different types of gameplay styles and what could suit them best.

I think this game has some real potential and is a very exciting release. I’ve been waiting for a good dungeon crawler to get and enjoy. I think Diablo 4 will be the go-to game and a significant upgrade from either Diablo 3 or Minecraft dungeons.