Will Nightingale be Revolutionary?


Maylin Knoblich, Review Writer

Many new and upcoming games have a significant claim, such as “it will revolutionize the entirety of the gaming industry” or “it will revolutionize this genre of gaming,” but rarely does the game revolutionize anything. We’re almost guaranteed to be given the same product always provided. 

Nightingale is no different. There have been many speculations and rumors about this game being the next step in survival games. What speculations are being spread about this game, and are they wrong or right?

Nightingale is being developed by a game company called “Inflection games,” which comprises many veteran software developers from other game development companies. CEO of Inflexion Games, Aaryn Flynn, is heading the design process of Nightingale. If his early work on the massive game franchise of Mass Effect is a testament to how Nightingale will perform story-wise, the gaming community should be in for a treat.

From what has been seen in the game trailer, Nightingale will be a survival game with unique game mechanics. This means it will have the typical survival game aspects such as eating, drinking, harvesting materials, making new tools, and building. It is set in a Victorian clothing and building style and era, which means an old-fashioned style with a newer one incorporated into it.

Nightingale will enable multiplayer and co-op access from the start of the open-beta phase. This will allow players to play, survive, and create together. This also allows for a competitive environment if there is a PVP option. It is not fully confirmed nor denied whether or not it is strictly PVE or if there will be a PVP option.

It is also not fully known whether or not, during a multiplayer or co-op game, the players will spawn together or spawn in separate realms. If players do not spawn together when joining a shared game, this might add an interesting dynamic. 

The realm mechanic will also be interesting. Every realm that is opened via the portal will be influenced by a decision that the player has made. To open portals, you have to craft realm cards. These realm cards are built using gathered materials and will alter the realm’s landscape, fauna, wildlife, and many more aspects. These realm cards play an important role in exploration and in the game as a whole, seeing that the game revolves around exploring new realms.

So will this game be the revolutionary game that the developers make it out to be? It might be possible, but there are also some drawbacks, such as the survival aspect. The fact that it is a survival game may take some of the uniqueness out of the game, and it might just be the same survival game as all the rest. The fact it’s a survival game also gives it points as well. The realm mechanic and replayability wouldn’t be as prevalent if it weren’t a survival game.

The creatures look stunning as well. As much as many other games have fantastical creatures and aspects of fantasy, this game brings an excellent middle ground between realism and romance. The fact that you alter the realism factor is also a significant aspect.

Overall, this game has excellent anticipation from most who know about it. That alone may make it as revolutionary as people think it is. As long as this game brings something new to a classic survival game formula, I’d say it is revolutionary.