Is Pre-Ordering the Best Option?


Maylin Knoblich, Review Writer

With it being new games season, many games offer the option of pre-ordering. With this being an option, it opens a lot of paths and possibilities for buying new games. This presents a big question to all gamers, should we pre-order games or wait for them to release?

There is a lot of unknown territory when it comes to pre-ordering a game. One of the biggest problems comes with not knowing if the game is going to be good or not. You order a game based on little knowledge. There is no guarantee that it will be as good of an experience as initially anticipated. 

But even still, buying the game on the first day of release gives the potential for unknown problems. 

This also means there is not yet feedback for the game developers to take into consideration. The pre-ordered game will most likely be a hot buggy mess because it is untested by the community. This may not always be the case, but games frequently have a fair amount of trial and error. 

On the other hand, with all of these cons of pre-ordering games, there are pros. The unknown of the game is what makes it fun. There is absolutely nothing that can spoil the story. 

This also comes with a big sense of accomplishment and pride. Being one of the first people to play a game is an excellent feeling, especially if the game blows up in popularity in the coming years. While everyone else labels themselves as year one or year three players, you will always be a day one player.

Pre-ordering a game can also have slight benefits over buying on day one, such as in-game characters, customizations, items, and more. 

“I got to play four days early, and I also got to level up faster than everyone else. By the time Forza 5 actually released, it was installed already, which is good because games nowadays are hundreds of gigabytes,” says Nick Harman, an avid gamer who pre-orders a lot of games. 

The price can be a large deciding factor on whether or not a game should be purchased. Sadly, pre-ordering a game does not give a discount. 

Pre-ordering games has many benefits as well as disadvantages, but in my opinion, it depends on the person. For example, if you can not afford it, you should wait until it is discounted or affordable. It truly depends on the person’s circumstances.