Monster Hunter World is still a great play


Maylin Knoblich, Review Writer

Being a hunter and defeating giant monsters and animals in order to survive and thrive is second nature for humans. Monster Hunter takes this primal instinct to a whole new level. 

Monster Hunter is an action role-playing game that has released six main games and five significant spin-off releases over the span of almost two decades. 

The original release was in 2004, and the fifth mainline release for the Monster Hunter franchise was Monster Hunter World, released in January 2018. It brought new mechanics and monsters and reused old ones as well. 

The introduction of many lovable characters that, at some points, can get annoying brings life to this cartoony action game. The design of the characters was so well done. Every character has individuality. This makes it easy to tell who they are, their stances on issues, and what they would do in situations.

The variety of weapons and items you can use against the monsters can be utilized in any way the players want. Different weapon types can be used to fit anyone’s play style, whether they play fast with minor damage, slow with heavy damage, or a little in-between. The weapon designs are also designed to make anyone feel like an absolute unit of a hunter with huge armor and a sword larger than the character.

The design of the weapons and play tactics makes it a perfect multiplayer game. It can hold up to four hunters, all working together to take down a massive monster. All the different weapons can be used in unison for good combos and maximum damage.

The whole world that is created is very atmospheric, and the world’s ambiance is beautiful. This, accompanied by the sound design, stunning graphics, and the optional download of an extra HD texture pack, creates a game to die for.

The story is as captivating as the design of the world you are thrown into. To put the story in simple terms, many field team fleets have been traveling to this newly discovered world and trying to figure out and study the new world. Your character comes in on the fifth fleet and immediately starts getting more work done than the rest of the fleets.

The elder crossing (the crossing of elder dragons from the old world to the new world) starts happening, and you are tasked with figuring out why. After taking down large monsters and figuring out why these dragons are crossing these oceans, you find something insane, have a significant boss battle, and save the new world.

Monster Hunter World also has a purchasable DLC called Monster Hunter World Iceborn. This adds a storyline different from the main story. It also gives the player the option to enter master rank hunts. These hunts are noticeably more complex than the rest and can only be played after the completion of the main story.

This is a great game, and Monster Hunter World is a good start if you want to get into the series. The weapons are balanced, unlike weapons from other games. The combat is fluid and predictable if you know how to use the weapons.

I love the monsters and the live world that the character is put into. The turf wars the monster gets into, causing four-story monsters to throw each other around like they are weightless, are unbelievable. Watching huge monsters not be threatened by you as they walk past until you attack them.

This game is an excellent starting Monster Hunter Game and a beautifully designed game for more than just one player. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone. Even though it was released in 2018, it still stands strong as a good play in 2022.