Schroeder Takes Over as Head Coach


Ezra Benson, Taylor Winkelkotter, Sports Writer

The Lakeland Hawks football team has officially named their new head coach. Mike Schroeder will be leading the Hawks on the gridiron. The board approved the hire at its April 13 meeting.

Schroeder plans to lead Lakeland — on and off — the football field.

Schroeder has a long list of accolades as a coach: USA Today Idaho football coach of the year, 2004 California divisional coach of the year, 19 years head coaching experience along with 2 state championship titles (2015 with Emmit & 2004 with Hamilton high school in California) and 4 years of college coaching experience at Southern Utah and Mt. San Jacinto college.

Schroeder’s number one goal is to build a more unified front as a team- in the school, on the field, and in the community. He wants his players to be successful and be an advocate for them.

He also believes that in order for the Hawks to be successful, it’s going to take some hard work and grit.

“We’re going to amp up the commitment to the program in the off-season, and increase the in-season workload,” Schroeder said. “As a football team, we need to be a family. If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it together.” 

Schroeder believes in winning and having fun.

“I really want to bring a more spirited and fun atmosphere on Friday night. And the way we’re going to spell fun is W- I- N.”

While choosing a new coach for the team the hiring process had to go through multiple phases. These phases consisted of interviewing, learning about the coaches, and seeing their coaching philosophy. 

The formal interviews took place on April first and consisted of 4 Finalists. Community members and players were all part of the process. 

Junior offensive tackle Preston Jeffs believes it was time for a change. “The coach we got has a very good history,” Jeffs said.

Junior cornerback and return specialist Cody Morse said that he’s really excited to see what takes place this season. “The whole team thinks that we’re gonna excel this year,” Morse said.

Sophomore Guard Carter Vanek is excited for the future with Schroeder at the helm. 

“ I think he’s going to be a good coach and I think we will win a lot of games with him,” Vanek said.

The football team will meet on April 14 in the commons at 2:15 for Coach Schroeder to address his new team.