Extended Due Dates for Employed Students


Annaliese Naas, Opinions Writer

The second semester has started, and kids have finished their finals in their previous classes and some are starting their new classes. Though newer classes are in session, students are burnt-out and are frustrated with the amount of work they have been given, and how they need to catch up on their grades. 

Some seniors have jobs that take up their week after school hours or on the weekends, which prevents them from focusing on their schoolwork and leaves them drained and unable to concentrate on their homework and complete it in a timely manner. So, should those students have more flexibility in their classes? 

Mr. Munyer, a teacher at LHS, said “With the first nine weeks of the second semester, you really need to be vigilant with your grades.” 

He sympathizes with us seniors saying “I know you just wanna say ‘I’m done but this is the time to really make sure you’re keeping track with your grades and make sure they’re As and Bs.” 

Although some teachers refuse to lighten the workload they give to their students, the students are left with unfinished assignments and incomplete finals which stresses them out even more. In my opinion, students with jobs should have their assignment due dates be extended. A majority of seniors work during the week and the weekends as well, and takes up a majority of their time and leaves little to no time for relaxation and decompression. 

Alexandra Copper-Larson, a senior at LHS said “I definitely support the idea, it would be easier. I mainly work nights and I try to balance work and school. Fitting in sleep, school and work is difficult, I only get like 2 hours of sleep.”

In my opinion as a senior, with seven hours of school work and an income providing job overtaking the weekend, and miscellaneous things like car stuff, and family stuff, those hours can be easily overtaken by the throes of life. What about time for ourselves? Some students don’t have the ability to spend quality time with friends and family, or even have a moment to themselves.