Biggest Tournament Yet


Colin Killian, Sports Writer

This weekend, the Lakeland wrestlers are going to be competing in the Rollie Lane Invitational in Nampa Idaho. Rollie Lane was founded in 2001, and it is named after the hall of fame wrestling coach, Rollie Lane, who spent 28 years coaching in New Mexico, Colorado, and Idaho.

The tournament consists of teams from California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. There will be over 100 plus different teams. There will be a boys and girls bracket, and each bracket will be a 64 man formation.

The Hawks are coming off placing second at the Chad Ross Memorial Tournament.

Coach Zach Horsley is very optimistic about this tournament even with the fact that it is bigger than normal. 

 “The tournament is at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, ID.  It starts Friday at 9 am and continues through Saturday evening. There are 127 teams entered. This will be the toughest tournament on our schedule and looks to be the toughest Rollie Lane Invitational there has been. We are excited to see some of the best wrestlers around and see how we fare against them. It’s gonna be a battle but we are ready to put it all on the mat.”

“Well, it’s a lot bigger this year and I’m just going down going to try my best,” senior Lucas Williams said. 

“Traveling for tournaments is always a fun and interesting experience but even more so when you get to go overnight and or take a few days and stay in hotels. We were sprung and early departure due to the weather so that will play a big part in the rest of the tournament,’’ junior Devon Howell stated. Howell is looking to make a huge impact at the tournament.

After Rollie Lane, the Hawks will compete in River City Duals in Post Falls on January, 14th and 15th.