Michael Locke, News Writer

This year there is a new class at Lakeland.

Movies and Literature is a class any grade in high school can take.

It is run by Delaney Gorton and Shannon Hall

Ms. Hall has been wanting to start this class for a long time. It has been offered as an elective at many of our local high schools.

“My son is a student at Lake City High School, and when I saw they were offering it as an elective, I knew we had to get this at Lakeland”, said Ms. Hall.

This Class has a lot to offer, who are maybe not interested in other humanity classes for electives. 

“Watching movies is a Universal Enjoyment for most people, and we did our best to get it to the school and it was improved”, said Ms.Hall.

Gorton said they spend half the class watching the movie and the other half reading the associated literature.

They do 2 periods during the school day for this class.

There is no test in this class.

In terms of a grade, it is a mix of participation, writing journal entries on the movie, and at the end of the movie, the students do a project on the movie based on the ELA standards.

Ms. Hall stated  “Our last unit was Call of the Wild, which ended with a project based on cinematography. The students chose an Animal and they chose different aspects of cinematography, with the habitat of the animal lives and how they would film the animal in that habitat.”

They have begun to select movies for the next semester based on different categories students to select from.

“All the movies are PG-13 or less, they are approved by the school board, and at the beginning of the semester we send out parent slips with all the movies that we will play,” said Ms.Hall.

This is a class people will enjoy and should try and take an interest in this class.