Triple Play Night for Lakeland Fundraiser


Poster at Lakeland High School promoting the Triple Play Night

Shelby Larcher, News Writer

At Lakeland High School the first quarter of the 2021-2022 school year is coming to an end. To kick off the end of the quarter Lakeland is having a Triple Play night on November 5th, from 6-9. 

As opposed to the expensive prices Triple Play charges, you only owe a small fee of $18 at the entry, all indoor and outdoor attractions included. Triple Play has bowling, a ropes course, laser tag, go-carts, an indoor waterpark, an arcade, and much more. Both Lakeland students and their friends and families are invited.

The money that is earned from this event will go straight back benefiting our school, which is why student council/ leadership members have been encouraging so many people to attend. 

Student council member Audrey Gibson says that leadership likes “to end the quarter like this to bring the school (and community) together.” Fun events and school functions such as a night at Triple Play are great for encouraging school spirit and participation.

It can also be a great way to have a stress-free night knowing that there is a whole new quarter and a fresh start ahead. 

Gibson also says that this kind of event is a way to be able to “raise money for different school funds.” Some of the funds that may be supported could be different clubs, sports, etc. 

Another student council member, Emma Goad says she will be attending the event. She also says, “If we get 150 people at the event, we will split the profit, and half of the money will go towards student council to cover any costs we may have and the rest will go into our Lakeland Stong account.”

Goad says that she anticipates the turnout of people “will be about the same amount of people,” compared to previous years, but would like to see that number increase

School has a tendency to cause a lot of stress for some students, the tests, the homework, maybe even just the thought of school. A night like this could be needed for so many people. You get to have fun and support your school at the same time. 

The Triple Play night fundraiser has been an event for quite a few years now, so a larger turnout could benefit our school funds even more.