Homecoming aftermath


Logan Harris, Lila Kiefer, Karsyn Miller, Regan Wright, and Audrey Gibson dancing at the Lakeland Highschool Homecoming dance.

Hannah Peterson, Opinions Writer

This past Saturday, Lakeland high school had its homecoming dance. 

I had an amazing time at the homecoming dance. The music was great and everyone seemed to have an amazing time.

I really enjoyed being able to get out of the house, getting all dressed up, and go out with friends. 

I talked to a sophomore at Lakeland high school, Oliver Everett. “ I really enjoyed the amount of participation, everyone was getting into it. I overall really enjoyed it. I really liked to see so many kids dancing and getting to be a part of a group.” 

I share the same opinion with Oliver. It was great to just stop and look around and see everyone having a great time. 

I am glad that the sophomores had such an amazing first homecoming. 

I remember my first homecoming. It was nothing like this year’s homecoming. This year’s homecoming we had actual D.Js and they even brought their own fog machines. 

It was really cool to see that much effort was put into the dance to give everyone a great experience. 

I also talked to another sophomore at Lakeland high school about their opinion on the music during the dance. Lila stated, “ Yeah, it was my first homecoming dance and it was great music. Very pumped up and the atmosphere was very fun and everyone I was with and danced with also had a great time.” 

I feel that the music at the dance was a great party starter and it is the most common music us hip teenagers are jamming out to lately. 

However, after the dance, I asked Oliver Everett how the homecoming dance could improve. He simply stated “ I would say they went really hard on the rap music and it makes it hard to dance to. Other than that overall the dance was really enjoyable.” 

Oliver and I did not share the same opinion on the music, however.

I believe that the music was quite easy to dance to and really got the crowd pumped and ready to have a good time. 

I really am hoping that next year’s dance will be just as amazing or even better than this year because it will be my last homecoming dance. 

Next year I am hoping that we could possibly have a dance circle.

Imagine everyone showing off their sick moves in the middle of a huge circle while everyone cheering and yelling. That seems like everyone would have a great time and make a lot of memories. I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way.