Bleeding Green and Gold


Michael Locke, News Writer

Changes are coming

The yearbook class wants to make this yearbook as new as possible, including new and innovative changes to a traditional yearbook.

Michael Dunn is an English Teacher, he is also the Journalism and Yearbook advisor. It is his third year at Lakeland Highschool.

Dunn is excited for this year’s new theme, Bleeding Green and Gold because it really shows our school spirit.

“This year I think we have an awesome group of kids working on yearbooks. It’s going to be a combination of yearbook and journalism. There’s going to be a lot of features on kids, “said Dunn.

Dylan Malcom, the editor in Yearbook, had some words to say about it. “ We’re pretty ahead, but at the same time, we’re very busy. We’re just trying to complete page by page. We just finished up the cover.”

This is Dylan’s second year in Yearbook

Dunn also stated, “ One of our goals this year is to incorporate videos via QR codes. We’re really trying to make this an interactive yearbook”.

People this year should really be looking forward to the yearbook. The class has put a lot in this yearbook, and there are so many months ahead of us at Lakeland Highschool.

Dunn said he expects the photography to be absolutely amazing. He also thinks that having great photography in both his yearbook and his journalism class is very important to a successful yearbook.

“The yearbook class took a long time trying to come up with a theme, once we came up with one, it turns out it was taken 4 years ago”, Dunn said.

The Yearbook class decided to go with grey color for the cover. They feel like it was the best option to make the cover.

Another goal of the yearbook class is to feature as many students as possible. They’re looking for submissions from students.

Dunn also wants to be hands-off as much as possible when it comes to the yearbook.

“ I truly feel having the students do as much of the work as possible, helps them take ownership of their product”, said Dunn.

Dunn is looking forward to the final product

If students are interested in buying a yearbook, go to the front desk of the office.