Three-Sport Star


Garrett Love, Sports Writer

When it comes to high school sports, varsity athletes are the peak of success, and Scotty Hocking is a three-sport varsity athlete at Lakeland who is a perfect example of a successful student-athlete. 

Hocking is in his junior year at Lakeland and was the only sophomore last year that competed at the varsity level in three sports. 

He is a very talented and well-rounded athlete. He participated in soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring. Even while balancing the stress and pressure of being a three-sport athlete, he has managed to keep above-average grades and thrive on and off the field. 

Hocking plays center-mid for the soccer team and has been a significant role player for the Hawks on the soccer field this year. When asked his thoughts, Hocking said, “Although the soccer team hasn’t won a game yet, there is plenty of potential for us to beat Moscow and Sandpoint in districts.” 

Hocking is featured on the basketball team and had a more prominent role than many may think last season. 

He was their 8th man and played point guard, coming off the bench providing good minutes. The men’s basketball team went to state last year, and Hocking played a vital role throughout the state tournament, with the team missing multiple starters. 

Hocking said, “Although I didn’t play much during the regular season, I improved a ton from practices and playing against really good competition, and I’m looking forward to balling out this season.”  

Arguably Hocking’s best sport last year was baseball, as he led the team in hits, fielding percentage, and batting average and was one of four underclassmen to play at the varsity level. 

He played shortstop and hit leadoff while consistently reaching base. He started every game and was a player the coaches could count on at any time. 

Hocking said, “We didn’t do that great last year because we only won three games. And our first win was against the third-best team in the state at the time.” He added, “It was a really heartbreaking loss against Moscow in districts. I will miss the seniors, but I’m looking forward to seeing how our roster will look this year. ” 

Hocking has played a massive role in all three sports that he participates in and will continue to shine throughout the rest of his high school career for the Hawks. 

The soccer team will next play on Oct. 9 at noon against the Timberlake Tigers.