The Legend of Uncle Fatty

The Legend of Uncle Fatty

Diego Aguilar, Opinions Writer

An obese Long-Tailed Macaque affectionately known as “Uncle Fatty” gained internet popularity in 2017, when he was sent to a weight loss camp. He had ballooned to twice the size of a regular Long-Tailed Macaque and doubled the weight of one. He earned his nickname after being fed high calorie foods by tourists. 

On Top of that, Uncle Fatty no longer performed as much exercise as the rest of the monkeys in his pack, as he would commandeer food from other monkeys for his own benefit. After returning from fat camp he fell back into his old ways, regaining the weight he had lost quickly. He seemed to have “fallen off the wagon”.

In February of  2019, Uncle Fatty seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. One day he was simply not at his usual spots. One local resident asked the local law enforcement to check the CCTV footage in hopes of finding the beloved Monkey, but to no avail. Unfortunately Uncle Fatty was nowhere to be found. This begs the question, what happened to Uncle Fatty?

At first locals sent search teams, in hopes of finding the monkey. Unfortunately the beloved Long-Tailed Macaque was never found. A local legend suggests that the bodies of Monkeys are reclaimed by the forest but after multiple search parties, the body of an obese Long-Tailed Macaque has never been found. 

Despite all this a local by the name of Mr. Mongkoltechachat said that he will continue to search for the obese monkey. Mongkoltechachat is the president of the “We Love Monkey Club” in Bangkok, Thailand. He and his club have continued to search despite the fact the monkey experts told him that the primate was most likely dead.

“Our staff always saw him sitting in front of the monument every time they came to feed the pack, but one day he was gone”, said Mongkoltechachat. The monkey experts told him “When Monkeys know that they’re very weak, they will isolate themselves and won’t let any other monkeys or anyone see them dying”.

The obese primate had already outlived the average life span for his species, making it to 20 years old. Mongkoltechachat said that “He might have died of old age because Uncle Fatty has already lived beyond the age average. He also looked exhausted and didn’t want to eat much.”

Another possibility is that he was eaten. There are many theories as to what happened to Uncle Fatty. Some credible, some not so much, but whatever happened to the obese primate, he will forever live in our hearts.