Lunch Schedule Now the Same for All Grades


Isadora Goad, Opinions Writer

Lunch with the new bell schedule has been difficult for most students at Lakeland High School. There was a new bell schedule that started on Monday, April 5th. Lunch for all grades, Freshman, Sophomores,  Juniors and Seniors, starts at 11:15 until 11:45. There are over 800 students who have lunch at the same time, which may be hard for everyone to eat in the same place. 

 Some Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors eat off-campus or in their cars, which may make it easier for people who eat on-campus to fit in the lunchroom.  It may make it hard to keep track of everyone and Freshman, who are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch and they may leave anyways.  Also, most upperclassmen don’t necessarily like the freshman students because they are new to the school and that might cause bullying. 

 Many students eat school lunch and with so many people it causes a line that is very long. It might take some getting used to but so far some students don’t have time to eat because of the lunch line. The people serving lunch will also have to work harder to make sure everyone gets to eat.  

There are also pros of everyone having lunch together. The teachers will have a break at the same time so that will make it easier for students to ask questions during the lunch break. It also makes it easier to find students because mostly everyone is in the cafeteria at the same time so if someone is getting picked up, the office knows where the student is. Students will also be able to see more of their friends because they will have lunch at the same time. 

This new schedule may also cause more disciplinary issues with students. Freshman, who are not allowed to have off campus lunch may sneak off campus. There will also be more students in the lunchroom and that may cause more disagreements among students. 

At Lakeland High School the students all have many opinions about the new lunch together. I interviewed Emma Marshall, a Freshman at Lakeland High School and she said,” I like the new lunch schedule and I do think Freshman will go off campus and the teachers will just not know about it.” I also spoke to some upperclassmen and they mostly said that they don’t like having lunch with the Freshman and that they liked the old lunch schedule. So overall, there are mixed opinions about the lunch schedule.