Pit Vipers Taking Over


Wyatt Aramburu, News Writer

An enormous trend has taken over the whole nation. In the past few years, mullets, fanny packs, spandex leggings and even puffy jackets have popped up all over. Recently, the flashy, polarized, paint-splattered glasses are back into fashion.  

The brightly colored glasses have spiked in sales over the past years and are still going up in sales. Pit Viper glasses actually took an interesting standpoint on selling their product, which is using mullets, shiny clothes and other 80’s trends to sell their products.

Pit vipers have attracted mostly the teenage redneck group and some of the cowboys.

Also, Pit Vipers just came out with a clothing line. Hats, pants, shirts and jackets all in the 80’s fashion and they just came out with the new summer Poseidon glasses. 

Even though the price of their clothes and glasses is fairly high, many people say they are worth it.

Pit Vipers have been very decent with coming out with new glasses and keeping their website fresh and new.

“I feel they are very good quality,” stated John Meredith, “there are different glasses with an adjustable lens so you can have a comfortable fit at all times.” 

Meredith is a student at Lakeland High School, and he also stated that Pit Vipers attract the teenage redneck group. John has an American pair of shades that have red, white and blue as the color of the lens, and he says the glasses are great.

So, with more and more people buying glasses, is it restricted to only young individuals? No, there are even middle-aged men buying these brightly colored glasses.

Cole Davis, a student at Lakeland stated, “Pit Vipers are amazing quality, I love the polarized lenses that they have. I have two pairs of glasses and they were worth every penny.” 

Pit Vipers are taking over the glasses industry one by one.