Easy to make Stroganoff

Annaliese Naas, News Writer

Beef Stroganoff is an old Russian Recipe from 1891. Some people have expressed their dislike regarding things from the taste to the texture. Here, in my recipe it has newer traits but it keeps its originality. It is the perfect meal for cold and rainy days. 

What you need:

1lb of Ground Beef (or Ground Turkey)

2 cans of Cream Of Mushroom soup (You can double it and add two more)

Worcestershire sauce




Egg Noodles (1 Bag)


Big pot


Spatula or Serving Spoon


You can cook all of it in one big pot.

If it is not thick enough, add flour.

Pour water in one can and milk in the other to even it out.

If you need to use a lighter meat to make it easier on your gut (it’s a lot of dairy) then use turkey. DO NOT use chicken, it adds a weird flavor.


First and foremost, the most important ingredient: MEAT! First you need to cook the meat on medium heat until brown, add seasonings and a teaspoon of worcestershire sauce.

 After the meat is cooked, combine the meat with the Cream of Mushroom soup. 

To make it easier, add milk to the cans after emptying them to get out the excess soup and to spread it out in the pot. Once you have your meat and soup mixture in one big pot, set the stove to simmer, make sure to stir often since milk can burn. 

After you start seeing bubbles slowly rise and pop, add in the egg noodles, a teaspoon more of worcestershire sauce and a bit more seasonings. After adding those, stir and fold the noodles in making sure they are covered with the sauce and cover with a lid for 10-15 minutes or until noodles are soft, checking and stirring occasionally.